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EarthWorks custom mixes soil amendments based on soil analysis and/or customer specification. This allows uniform application of all amendments and/or nutrients, while reducing the contractors installation cost.


EarthWorks provides site surveys, soil sampling, analysis and recommendations for new and established landscapes. Analysis includes all major and minor nutrients, pH, SAR, ECe and heavy metal levels.


This is an excellent method for determining the actual nutrient status of the plant which may be different from the soil nutrient level. Also, it is extremely helpful in pinpointing the causes of uneven growth among different plants in the landscape. Leaf tissue testing can be very useful at any time to compare weak and healthy areas. The sampling techniques and timing vary for all plants, therefore please contact your EarthWorks representative for sampling information.


Water analysis provides accurate information on the suitability of water for use in landscape. This is helpful in isolating potential problems. This also allows modification of fertilization program to offset poor water quality.


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