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Planting Medium

EarthWorks Planting Medium is a quality blend composed of premium peat moss, rock phosphate, composted chicken manure, sulfate of potash and gypsum.  This valuable blend provides a favorable soil environment.

This superb planting mix is excellent for use with color plantings or as part of a backfill mix.  It may also be used as a topdressing or mulch, providing high moisture holding capabilities to assist in water conservation and germination.

EarthWorks Planting Medium provides beneficial humus to the soil, while improving the cation exchange capacity.  Because of Planting Medium's superior formulation, it can be used at rates of 10%-20% in backfill mixes and still achieve maximum results.


  • Colorbed preparation: 
    • Apply 1 cu. yd. per 1,000 sq. ft. and rake to a depth of 1-2".  For ensuing plantings reduce rate by 50%.
  • Mulching:
    • Apply 2 cu. yds. per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Trees/Shrubs:


Plant Size:




1 gallon




5 gallon




15  gallon




24" box




36" box




48" box








0.03 cu. ft.




0.24 cu.ft.




0.5 cu. ft.




2 cu. ft.




6.9 cu. ft.




13.3 cu. ft.




  • Premium peat moss, rock phosphate, composted chicken manure, sulfate of potash, gypsum, worm castings and dairy manure compost.

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