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Citrus Chips 

EarthWorks Citrus Chips was developed as an alternative to expensive decorative bark.  This material is ideal for projects that require a bark mulch and traditional decorative barks are too expensive.

Citrus Chips can be used as topical mulch in planters, around trees, small shrubs and flowerbeds to provide a consistent and visually appealing topdressing.

This recycled, chipped product was originally derived from recycled citrus wood.  It helps retain moisture, reduce weed growth and provides an aesthetically pleasant finish to the landscape.

Because of this material’s origin, glass and plastic debris are not present, as in other recycled products.


  • General Mulching: 
    • 2" uniform layer (approximately 6 cu. yds. per 1,000 sq. ft.)


  • Recycled wood products.


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