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Lightweight Potting Soil


EarthWorks Lightweight Potting Soil is a quality mix that creates an ideal growing environment for all container planting conditions and is excellent as a complete soil replacement.  This Lightweight Potting Soil is specifically formulated to provide a balance between soil moisture retention and drainage while promoting rapid plant establishment.

EarthWorks Lightweight Potting Soil has been carefully blended with premium peat moss, vermiculite and sand.  Vermiculite and sand are blended into the mix to provide proper drainage and aeration in the root zone.  This important sand and vermiculite mixture also prevents soil compaction, while providing the anchorage necessary for the proper rooting of large plants and trees in container situations.

EarthWorks Lightweight Potting Soil is suitable for all indoor and outdoor container planting.  It is an ideal soil for raised bedding areas, general container planting, and planting acid loving plants.  This premium Lightweight Potting Soil is also suitable for hanging baskets, color bowls and all specialty planting situations.


  • Drainage holes in containers are critical for a plant’s long term well being.  Place pebbles or broken pottery over the drainage holes.  Position the plant in the container and firmly press EarthWorks Lightweight Potting Soil into place under and around the rootball.  Water thoroughly.


  • 33 % Peat moss, 33% Vermiculite and 33% Sand plus nutrients and minerals (triple super phosphate, potassium sulfate, ureaformaldehyde, lime, gypsum and iron sulfate).

          (Infiltration rate: approx. 4in/hr)              (Saturated density: approx.85 lbs/cf)


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