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Pine Fines

EarthWorks Pine Fines is excellent for pathways and other recreational applications. It is the first choice of landscape contractors as a cover for gardens in and around schools, resorts, golf courses, shopping centers where presentation is vital.

Pine Fines has numerous benefits for the landscape. It is easily spread, retains moisture, reduces soil compaction and erosion; and is environmentally friendly. It also inhibits weed growth which reduces maintenance.

EarthWorks Pine Fines are derived from recycled pine forest products and are sized ¼ " minus, with 90-100% passing through a 3/8” screen and 60-100% passing through a ¼” screen.


  • General Mulching:  2" uniform layer (approximately 6 cu. yds. per 1,000 sq. ft.)


  • 100% Recycled pine wood products

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